Why Select Take 3 Events?

Experience and the ability to read a crowd are the key. Much like other professions that require a talent, DJ's require a natural talent to be able to read a crowd, ensure that the music flows smoothly and that everyone continues dancing. Take 3 Events has had experience since 1994 reading crowds and playing for many different ages of clients, different ethnicities, and different types of events.

We strongly believe that a DJ should not be at a function to play music that only he or she wants to hear. Instead, we believe that we are there to play the music that our clients and their guests prefer - that we are there to cater to the crowd.

At the risk of sounding trite, the old expression "You Get What You Pay For" applies perfectly to the mobile DJ industry. You'll find our rates to be higher than some companies, but our services to be incomparable. Many companies or independent DJ's charge less - BUT - they may use home stereo equipment, not be licensed, use low-grade MP3's, be in it for the wrong reasons, or have very little experience. You MUST ask yourself, "how important is your Special Event?" As music is likely to be a large part of your event, your disc jockey services are likely to play a large part in its success or failure.

If you are looking for Experience, Professionalism and Class, consider Take 3 Events. We have references from many clients, other elite event professionals on the island such as photographers, as well as from some of the most elegant and highly regarded establishments on Maui.


Does Take 3 Events Offer Personalized Consultations?

90% of the information that we require for our part of your special event to go smoothly is listed on the detailed questionnaires which are available to our clients online. The questionnaires allow you to communicate many details to your DJ such as musical interests, requests for specific songs, the timeframe for the event, any special requests, and any special events during the day/evening, allowing for hassle-free and accurate planning. Consultations (which for the most part are a review of these details) may be done in person, or as many of our out-of-town clients prefer, over the phone. We will do our best to make arrangements that are convenient for you. Consultations are always free - we want to ensure that your plans for an event are carried through and exactly as you expected.


Do You Play Tapes, CD's, Or MP3's?

We do not use tape players, and will not bring one to your function unless it is requested in advance (for example if a guest will be singing a tribute to the bride & groom and their music accompaniment is on tape, we would require advance knowledge of this). The majority of our music is in digital format on an external hard drive, but we do not use the compressed MP3 format that is popular with the general public. We feel that the quality of MP3-compressed music, when played through a DJ's sound system, is much inferior to what we would like to provide to our clients. We pride ourselves on providing a very crisp, clean, high quality of sound. Some music is also in CD format.


What About The Music Volume?

We don't believe music has to be loud to be enjoyable. Guests should be able to converse easily without shouting - afterall, at many weddings or events where people have not seen each other for an extended period of time, many people prefer just to sit and chat for a while. If you would like the music louder or softer, let us know. We would be happy to adjust the volume.


What Time Do You Setup Your Equipment?

We generally try to arrive one hour before guests arrive to your booking. This allows plenty of time to set up the equipment, without the guests being present. If necessary, arrangements may also be made to set up at another time convenient to all involved parties.


Why Hire A DJ For Cocktail / Dinner Music?

Soft cocktail and dinner music will make your event feel more elegant and classy. We can ensure a smooth, uninterrupted transition from dinner music to the first dance. If you are considering using the hotel or hall's house system for cocktail / dinner music, there are additional considerations. If you are planning to have speeches between courses of the meal, or if you are planning on having people come up to the microphone and speak while cocktail or dinner music is playing, please remember that quite often the house system can not stop and restart to let the person speak, as no one will be monitoring the system. In contrast, a DJ is able to watch for people approaching the podium and adjust the music volume accordingly.


What type Of Attire To The Dj's Wear?

The DJ Will Be Appropriately Attired For All Events


Do You Have Back-up Equipment?

Should the need ever arise, back-up equipment and music most definitely are available.


Is Take 3 Events Insured?

We are insured in order to protect you and your guests in the case of an unfortunate accident involving us or our equipment. It is advised that the host of the event also consider event insurance to protect them from liabilities should an unfortunate accident happen to one of the guests at the party.